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Detritus offers a pretty compelling gamification of cleaning up. For a lot of us, making characters is the best part of a game anyway. I don’t think this needs to be limited solely to rpgs either, any creative who needs to conceive of a character could benefit from this.

The only question I would have is if this is aimed too much at people in one-room kind of situations: people living with parents, in dorms, with roommates? With a whole house or apartment to kind of compartmentalise stuff in, it might be tough to find the variety of surprising things. Maybe a small hack of “cleaning the junk drawer out” would be useful for us old folks.

But it’s well conceived and evocative and is something easily done without needing a whole table to play, so definite thumbs-up.


This is perfectly delightful, and I kept saying "oh my god I love it" as I read through the list of objects. So many of my friends could use this as an excuse to clean their houses, for real.

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That's a creative way to add gamification to a cleaning afternoon

i cleaned my room and then answer some of the questions. A lot of objects didn't fit with your list, but I adapted. I used your game as a tool in my solo ttrpg campaign, and now I know that my character's closest friend is a librarian, and this friend see my character as someone he can trust ; and he's currently pretty nostalgic :)


this is such a cool and creative concept! for the first time in my life, i wish i had a messy room to clean!