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to those who are marginalized or experiencing financial insecurity.

CONTENT WARNING: mechanically simulates power imbalance between a consenting adult and a supernatural being, with the possibility of physical and emotional intimacy. discusses definitions and violations of consent.

this game is not suitable for anyone below the age of 18. no characters in this game, even NPCs, should be implied or portrayed as minors.

this game is for two consenting adults who are intimate partners or very close friends. it is to be played in private, in a safe place, only with someone you truly trust. no person should be pressured into playing this game with anyone else.

one of you plays as the demon, who feeds on human passion.
one of you plays as the human, who looks like easy prey.

this game was made as a collaborative effort by Tyler Magruder (Zargo Games) and Blake Stone (fenced forest) for Hot Horror Jam. its design borrows heavily from Meguey and Vincent Baker's Mobile Frame Zero: Firebrands.

please be sure to discuss safety tools before attempting to run the game.
see the TTRPG Safety Toolkit by Kienna Shaw & Lauren Bryant-Monk for a thorough survey of commonly used safety tools and consent mechanics.
email fencedforestmedia@gmail.com if you have any concerns about safety and mechanics in this text.

the game comes in two versions: a light mode and a night mode.

the night mode is the original version, and the light mode is a printer-/eyeball-friendly option. the content is identical.

in order to fold the game into a zine, print the pages double-sided, and fold each in half sharply down the middle. remove the sheet with the cover. stack each of the folded pages in their clear order (not stacking them into each other, but on top of). staple-bind these pages together once or twice. wrap the cover around the stapled pages and secure it with staples in two more spots. boom. zine.

cover image and internal illustrations for the zine format are created with public domain art. fonts used are Quattrocento (body text) and Supermercado (title & headings).

this game's creators live on the occupied land of the Osage, Tsalaguwetiyi, Shawnee, Adena and Hopewell, and that of the Osage, Kaw and Očéti Šakówiŋ. the creators support returning all lands, ceded and unceded, to the care of Indigenous people.

CategoryPhysical game
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(6 total ratings)
Authorsblake stone / fenced forest, Zargo Games
GenreRole Playing
Tagsdemons, Gay, Lesbian, LGBT, LGBTQIA, Monsters, occult, Queer, Romance


Buy Now$5.00 USD or more

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