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the Bug Person Literal Cop (Paladin)
( he / him / his )

wields a gnarled oak staff
is rude and vegan
loves violence and cool swords
hates needing help; fears snakes
wants to avenge his grandparent

Irene the Mermaid MMA Bro
( she / her / her )

wields a ... nope, only these fists of steel
is cheerful and prone to stealing
loves books and cats
hates hot weather; fears bees
wants to return to her twin

tommy the literal, actual kangaroo
( he / him / his )

wields a ... nope, only these fists of steel
is cheerful and an actual real live talking animal
loves beer and the beach
hates boredom; fears spiders
wants to capture his childhood caregiver


scorch the Bug Person Ripped-ass Preacher With a Big Hammer
( he / him / his )

wields a big fucking hammer (two-handed)
is old and into nerd shit
loves books and sick skateboard tricks
hates boredom; fears combat
wants to locate a person

loves beer and beer


This is gonna help me with dnd characters

This is great!


This is awesome. Any chance of getting this as an android app so I can pull it up next time I roll a character?


maybe some day in the far future when i figure out how to code anything other than twine, absolutely. thanks!


Amazing. When one of my characters die I'll use this for the next one :^]