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this is a hack of Nate Treme's Tunnel Goons made for the Goons Jam.

it's about being queer witches who work in a restaurant, using brute force, magic, and the power of gay to handle whatever your GM (General Manager) throws at you.

i wanted to experiment with making a game that is explicitly designed for the GM to be antagonistic toward the player characters, in a way that mirrors real life power imbalances most of us have had to deal with. that's the main trigger warning here: service industry capitalism.

cover image & illustration made with Canva using public domain art.



Buy Now$3.00 USD or more

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community copies

are you a real life dish pit witch? or do you get paid (badly) like one?

community copies are free by honor system to those under financial hardship or who work in the service / food industries.


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This is fucking superb, a critique, a game, and an object lesson in tight, elegant design wrapped up in one. The layout is clean and readable, love the use of bold in paragraphs to draw my eyes to relevant mechanical declarations.

The teamwork/stress rules are awesome, they pull me into the space effectively enough I flashed back to working as a pizza boy. The recovery/game structure reinforces this, making for a nice (by which I mean: evocative) loop.

One thing I think might be worth including is a sort of permanent stressor optional rule where something like a critical failure may drop your tolerance by one - because my experience working retail/food was similar in that I sorta tallied up major frustrations and let the minor stuff slip until I finally had to or could bounce.

This is so hackable, I could see using this underlying system for say, selling shoes (another terrible job I once had).

This game is awesome and one of my favorite kitbashes from GoonJam!