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this game includes both a color and a black & white printer-friendly version of both the Player's Guide and Narrator's Guide. due to time constraints, art, layout, and translation will have to wait for later versions.

please donate to RAICES and the Corazon Travel Project, and redeem your proof of donation to get the bundle as described on the jam page.

if you cannot afford a donation, download the game from here for free. whenever you can, use it and distribute it where it can bring the most joy. 

all uses of this game are permitted as long as credit is retained, profit isn't taken, and no one is hurt by the end use. this includes hacks, booklet redesigns, illustration, translation, audio versions, podcasting & streaming, reposting with credit, printing and distributing, and of course running the game. if you use it for fundraising, i ask that the cause remain related to helping migrant children and families be safe, in whatever form that takes.


this game is a submission for the Corazon Bundle jam. it is intended to be a simplified, introductory PbtA-style tabletop RPG for kids.

i will never profit from this game.

if you are interested in doing translation, especially into Spanish, or art for this game, please contact fencedforestmedia@gmail.com or @fencedforest on twitter.
(you would receive credit on the cover, but as i will not be profiting from this game, neither would you. if you are interested in doing work of this type for hire, i have other games.)

powered by the apocalypse games are based on the rules from apocalypse world by meguey and vincent baker. this game takes its greatest influences from osr, the redwall books, and stardew valley. it is a #*dream game.

cover image and illustrations created in Canva from public domain clipart.
font used is Cormorant Infant.

this game was created on the occupied land of the Duwamish, and dedicated to all people harmed by the violence of national borders. this creator supports returning all lands, ceded and unceded, to the care of Indigenous people, and recognizes the United States as an illegitimate entity, a violence of borders perpetrated against the Indigenous people and wildlife of this continent. no one is illegal on stolen land.


Garden City -- Narrator's Guide -- English color version.pdf 149 kB
Garden City -- Narrator's Guide -- English printer version.pdf 165 kB
Garden City -- Player's Guide -- English color version.pdf 119 kB
Garden City -- Player's Guide -- English printer version.pdf 136 kB

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hi! i really like this game. i think i won't have to opportunity to play it but I'll recommend it to people who want to play with children!
should it be possible later to have a printer friendly version of the game?


yes, i'll be posting plain text versions of all documents. thanks!