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in The Long Dark Night of the Bone-fires on the Heath, you play as a young autistic child thought by her family and neighbors to be a changeling. Treated all her life as if she didn't belong, she finds herself drawn to leave the house late one Samhain night, to see if the veil between worlds really is as thin as they say. Will she cross into the world of faerie and find somewhere she can truly call home, or will she encounter something truly other and come to face the fact of her own humanity?

This is a loosely PbtA-driven game with minimal mechanics. It is meant to be run by a GM for one player. Please be sure to discuss safety tools before attempting to run the game. 

 The Long Dark Night of the Bone-fires on the Heath is a submission for the Big Bad Jam that is being hosted by BigBadCon.  Due to game jam deadline constraints and lack of players available in that time, this game has not been playtested. If you make use of the game in any way as a result of this jam, please contact me and show me or tell me how it went!

cover image created in Canva with licensed free images.
internal illustrations use public domain clipart.


Buy Now$5.00 USD or more

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