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This is a contemplative solo RPG in which you play as the last remaining barista on staff at a once-busy drive-through coffee shop during the COVID-19 pandemic of 2020. It is inspired in part by The Queen of Cups and the Alone games.

Play requires writing materials, a deck of tarot cards, access to a music platform with playlist features, 1d6 and 1d20, and some free time. For ambience, sit beside an open window with a cup of coffee, playing one in-game day at the same time each real-life day.

This is a rough draft cooked up in a single day, so it may contain some inconsistencies and poor writing. Honestly, it's amazing I managed to make anything at all, so my apologies on that front.

I have priced this at $3, the cost of a standard cup of drip coffee in many places. Those who have not lost work during this pandemic are encouraged to pay, and tip if possible; those who have lost work or who are otherwise affected are encouraged not to pay. Proceeds from this and my other games currently go toward living expenses for this out of work barista, so that I can continue staying home and not endangering myself or others by looking for work since my shop has closed.

Included are a screen version pdf and a plain text version.

Fonts used are Grand Hotel and Averia Serif Libre.
Cover graphic made in Canva.

The creator of this game is a settler living on the land of the Osage, Tsalaguwetiyi, Shawnee, Adena and Hopewell. If you can afford to pay for this game, I urge you to donate toward the efforts of pandemic prevention for Indigenous communities in your area, as they are hit especially hard.


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What a lovely game! For one that deals with the pandemic, of course. I love the pace and the idea of coming up with details about the customers as they come in. I'm impressed by how real it feels. The chance of someone getting sick, the fact that I already care about my regulars... It's a game about life: fleeting and very, very personal.


Love this and will start playing soon. A question though: you refer to a set of tables to use when you draw a minor arcana card. Are those tables available?

Oof. Thank you for bringing that to my attention, I completely failed to notice it wasn't included. I'll be making an update ASAP.

Thanks! Looks great! A little feedback: I like the pacing aspect your encourage of once per day play, particularly because it makes so much thematic sense. It's something I've been thinking a lot about and have built into a game I'm developing for similar reasons.