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to those who are marginalized or experiencing financial insecurity.

CONTENT WARNING: potential for deception, social manipulation, player vs player antagonism, and a variety of difficult topics which may come up in play.

this is a minimalist larp requiring only dice, index cards, and a room full of people. it is designed to explore the ways in which secrets and private grievances transform a social landscape, even as they go unsaid.

play either as characters in a setting, or versions of yourselves in a superimposed scenario. each of you knows a secret about one other person, and one other person knows a secret you'd like to keep quiet. 

this game can become triggering quickly. please fully research and discuss safety tools as a group before running this larp, and do not resort to gaslighting tactics while in character.

see the TTRPG Safety Toolkit by Kienna Shaw & Lauren Bryant-Monk for a thorough survey of commonly used safety tools and consent mechanics. 

UNSAIDS is a submission to the Otherships Jam.
this game has not been playtested.

cover graphic created in Canva with licensed free images.
fonts used are Work Sans (body text), Carrois Gothic SC (title & headings) and Homemade Apple (cover image title)

this game was created on the occupied land of the Duwamish. this creator supports returning all lands, ceded and unceded, to the care of Indigenous people.


Buy Now$3.00 USD or more

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